Using Social Media for Your Hearing Health Practice

Using Social Media for Your Hearing Health Practice

You can increase awareness of your hearing practice services through the top three social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Promoting distinctive features of your services by means of advertising is crucial. It is a valuable space for you to gain insight on your clients wants and needs from a hearing health practice by communicating with them via discussions. The social media platforms also allow you to post regularly on your page to attract your clients to your services.

In 2018, YouTube was the hottest social media platform ranking at 73% usage by U.S. adults. Pew Research also found that 68% of adults used Facebook. Closely following was Instagram: 35% of adults use that social media platform.

With this information, you can use social media like YouTube marketing to create a video tour of your hearing health clinic and addressing common wants and needs of a hearing health practice. Alternatively, you can also use Facebook and/or Instagram for patient engagement, such as informing them of your new location or, at least, offering a platform for recommendations and reviews.

Here’s how you can use social media to engage with patients and promote your hearing health practice.

SLUCare Health Watch: How To Know If You Have Hearing Loss? Campaign (Youtube)

Below is a YouTube video of an SLUCare Health Watch public service announcement that simply asks the viewers the following question: How To Know If You Have Hearing Loss? Here, Dr. Dave Harris talks about the importance of detecting hearing loss earlier on and the video is concise and to the point. With the rise of individuals using headphones or ear buds, listening to loud music, it is very possible that they may show early signs of hearing loss. Dr. Harris strives to encourage the public about investigating their symptoms at a local hearing health practice rather than ignoring them.

Similarly, you can also develop an entire channel to explore the whole spectrum about hearing loss and its solutions. For example, you can create a video that targets individuals that are the least bit curious about their potential hearing loss and the importance of getting it checked out. In addition, you can explain how to use a hearing aid, change its batteries or even how to deal with wearing both glasses and a hearing aid within a couple of videos.

Then, by linking your YouTube channel to your website you will improve the search results of your practice and drive more organic search results to your page. In addition, many device manufacturers have video clips available for you to use on your website beyond what you may want to create. Adding a mix of both self-created videos with those from your industry partners will give your website a well-rounded perspective.

Using Facebook and Instagram to Engage With Customers

On Facebook, you can create a page that will help you to stay connected with your clients. It is especially useful if you when they follow you. Through that, you can inform them of about your potential location change, to simply wishing them well on the holidays, promotions, and even about your recommendations and reviews. Most importantly, you can post your informative YouTube videos on your page. You can even use Facebook Messenger as a pop-up tool that can invite your clients to communicate with you. Here’s an example about a hearing health practice’s post updates on their Facebook page.

Alternately, you can also have your clients follow you on Instagram. Instagram is focused on the art of story telling and, that’s right, using a lot of emotional appeal. You can provide your clients and potential clients with the information they need by posting pictures of client breakthroughs with their corresponding stories, for example, to for clientele inspiration. It is also great for keeping an eye on your competitors. Once a client follows your page, they will be able to see all of what’s new with the practice.


Based on the social media management use cases, one can tell that these are well worth the time, money, and energy. To say the very least, they are a great way to rake up views so people will know that your services exist. It provides an engaging platform where you can see feedback on which posts about services that your consumers like or dislike and a thread filled with their explanations. Likewise, you can educate your consumers and leads about your available services. Eventually, you can also convert your leads into patients especially when you use an emotional appeal, which is invaluable to any practice.