Meet Our Featured Speakers!

Meet Our Featured Speakers!

Empower 2021 is around the corner. This year we’re virtual so attendees can tailor and engage with Empower according to their schedule, as well as to make it more convenient to earn CEU’s.

While this year the conference isn’t in person, we didn’t skimp on the experience. Our featured sessions are jam-packed with information that can help you attain any goals you are looking to achieve for your practice next year, as well as to inform you on the latest industry trends and technology.

Our line up of featured speakers are some of the leading subject matter experts and thought leaders in the hearing health industry. And now we would like to introduce you to our amazing roster of speakers.

David Eagleman 

David Eagleman is a neuroscientist, author, and science communicator. Along with teaching neuroscience at Stanford, Eagleman also is the co-founder of Neosensory, directs a non-profit , a New York Times bestselling author, a featured Ted talk speaker, and writer of the Emmy-nominated television series “The Brain with David Eagleman.”

Eagleman is a subject matter expert in the areas of sensory substitution, time perception, vision, and synesthesia. He also studies the intersection of neuroscience with the legal system.

Eagleman will be speaking at one of our technology sessions titled Getting Sound to The Brain…Through the Wrist, in which he’ll discuss technological advancements in sensory pathways and demonstrate how hearing loss can be addressed by turning auditory information into a series of vibrating patterns on the skin.

Robert M. Taylor

Robert M. Taylor EDD., MBA, FNAP is an author, consultant, clinical audiologist, and expert witness. Taylor uses his over 40 years of clinical audiology experience to train clinicians with a specific emphasis in hearing and tinnitus rehabilitation.  He is an adjunct professor at various universities including the University of Florida, University of Colorado, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Taylor will be speaking at one of our business development sessions titled Essentials of Forensic Audiology, in which attendees will learn the experiential and legal basics and how to utilize their skills to become an expert witness in a court case, as well as what goes into writing reports for cases that are settled out of court. 

Douglas L. Beck

Douglas L. Beck Au.D. is one of the most prolific writers in the subject of audiology with over 180 publications and over 1200 abstracts, interviews, and op-ed in subjects ranging from pediatric audiology, cognition, hearing aid, and more.

Beck is the Vice President of Academic Science at Oticon. He’s the senior editor of clinical research at the Hearing Review and is also an adjunct professor of audiology at Lamar University and the Audiology University of Hawaii.

As a featured speaker in one of our clinical sessions titled Cognition, Cognitive Screenings, and Audiology Beck will discuss the importance for hearing care professionals to determine the source of a patient’s hearing and/or speech difficulty. By understanding the origin and nature of the problem, practitioners can better solve the problem.

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor Au.D. has over 25 years of experience and is the director of scientific and product marketing at Signia where he focuses on scientific marketing and communication, competitive analysis, and industry landscape, and trends.

Prior to joining Signia, Taylor served as the director of Clinical Audiology at Fuel Medical Group and is a subject matter expert in many areas of the hearing health industry including clinical practice, professional development, and training. 

Taylor’s expertise will be featured at another one of Empower’s clinical sessions, titled Interventions for Adults with Subclinical Hearing Loss: Growing Your Practice with Hybrid Devices. This course will review the emerging research that shows the linkage between subclinical hearing loss and other conditions as well as the emerging intervention strategies hearing care professionals can recommend.

Kevin St. Clergy

Kevin St. Clergy is an audiologist, author and expert audiology marketer, growing his first practice from $60K to $500 in the first 12 months. This inspired him to create an online marketing consultant business.

St. Clergy is the Partner and Chief Development Officer for MedPB. During his 20 plus years in the hearing health industry he has worked with hundreds of practices helping them to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. 

St. Clergy will be a featured speaker at another one of our business development sessions titled The New Patient Journey: How Audiology & Hearing Aids Have Changed Post-Pandemic and New Best Practices. In this session he’ll cover the four most common reasons practices are struggling now and he’ll explain the three ways to attract more patients and have a good year despite the pandemic.

Bill Connerton and Katie Hutchinson

Bill Connerton is an author and the National Vice President of Sales at Consult YHN.  Connerton has worked for J&A Marketing where he managed accounts and vendor partnerships and increased from $4 million to $32 million.

Katie Hutchinson is the Director of Marketing for Consult YHN. During her tenure as a brand strategist and marketing director, she has created strategies and programs that have contributed to generating over $50 million in revenue for the businesses she worked for.

Connerton and Hutchinson will be featured speakers in a business development session titled Revolutionizing the Patient Experience Through Video Marketing, in which they will show attendees how harness the 100 minutes people are watching video daily and create better patient engagement through Vidscrip, a new web-based platform. 

Dom Spadaro

As the National Sales Director at EarQ Group, Dom passionately leads teams who are working with hearing healthcare practices to provide the greatest patient experience imaginable while continuing to drive toward the fulfillment of their business and lifelong goals. He puts heart and soul into “what I do and I love every minute of it.” Dom firmly believes that there is no business challenge in a hearing healthcare practice that can’t be turned into a success story.

Heather Carter and Hannah Millstine

Dr. Heather Carter joined Consult in 2015 as an Account Manager for the Northeast Region and brings a unique perspective to Consult as a clinical audiologist which is why she was recently appointed as the Director of Audiology, overseeing the Consult Audiology Advisory Council and ensuring Consult continues to promote the audiology community. She received both her master’s and doctoral degrees in audiology from Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts college for the deaf in the U.S. She has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals with hearing loss. As assistant Director of Audiology in a private practice, she was able to utilize Consult YHN’s tools to more than double the practice’s hearing aid sales.

Dr. Hannah Millstine joined Consult YHN in 2021 and is an Account Manager serving the East region. She received her doctoral degree in Audiology from Northeastern University. Prior to joining the company, Hannah spent two years working as a clinical audiologist and as an active Consult client. She is excited to use her knowledge of best practices to help practices provide great hearing healthcare to more patients.



We are adding more sessions to ensure our attendees will have the most comprehensive hearing health experience. Empower’s virtual conference will go live October 20. The on-demand content will be available from October 21-29. Please check our website for continuous updates.