Email Marketing to Engage and Upsell Patients

Email Marketing to Engage and Upsell Patients

Your email list for your hearing practice is one of your
greatest assets. With a savvy email marketing campaign, you can upsell your
patients right from their inbox.

Through using an automated email flow, you can engage your
patients and have them return to your site and/or your practice. Yet, you have
to be suave if you want to upsell. Let’s begin by looking at some methods you
can use.

– Customer Data

Data is what makes an outstanding email upsell campaign. The right customer data will cause your email marketing campaign to thrive. Email flows are highly efficient and effective because they nurture your clients and leads with little effort on your part. With your customer data, you can send personalized pitches that appeal to specific patients. Your email flows should be pre-written, timed emails that are sent out in response to certain triggers. For example, if your patient has been key searching hearing aid batteries, then send them a reminder email so they can keep you in mind.

This makes automation software really important. Two recommended email automation software are: MailChimp and Klayvio. They make use of a wide variety of customer data, generating hyper-targeted, objectives-driven campaigns that help increase positive results.

#2 – Emotional Appeal

In order to upsell, you have to catch your patients in the right frame of mind. You might try to do the following:

  • Remind: Remind patients of what they previously bought by showing them pictures of past product purchases from your hearing practice. You can also send them brief descriptions of the services they bought. This may likely increase the chance of positive feelings and get them in the buying frame of mind.
  • Be Human: Needless to say, and speak to them like they are human, too. Send them a note written by a real person at your practice. In that note, you can thank them, while also including some additional products or upgrades they might also need.
  • Add Incentives: When your patients know that they are getting a good deal, then that will make your upselling campaign even more effective. Limited-time offers or discounts are a great incentive.
  • Be Interactive: You can also send short, yet valuable surveys to your patients to pinpoint services or products they are looking for. In addition, you can also send recommendations to help them find what they are looking for.

With a personalized touch, you can enhance your email
marketing campaign at your hearing practice. As mentioned before, your email
list for your hearing practice is one of your greatest assets. Go ahead and
start your compelling email marketing campaign if you have not started. If you
already have an email campaign, then try polishing it up with the aforementioned
tips so you can optimize your strategy.