5 Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Practice

5 Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Practice

When thinking of methods to market your practice, have you considered blogging? Perhaps you’ve started a blog on your website and are creating a post every blue moon. Maybe you’ve considered blogging but wasn’t sure if it was worth the sweat equity to find the topics, write and post.

Blogging is a powerful instrument to bring more exposure to your practice.  If you’re still on the fence about blogging, here are a few statistics that may help you to consider creating and maintaining a blog on your website.

  • 80% of internet users interact with both social media sites and blogs.
  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than websites without blogs.
  • 94% of those who share posts do it because they think it will be helpful to others.
  • Companies with blogs have an average of 67% more leads than companies that don’t blog. 
  • Blogging is the third most common content marketing strategy, after video and eBooks. 
  • 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements

Below are five ways blogging can be beneficial for your practice.

Increase Web Traffic

Search engines crave fresh content. Blogging offers a business an inexpensive way to provide frequent content.  Blogging consistently provides Google and other search engines new content to index. Another bonus to blogging is keywords. When it comes to adding content, keywords are the thing. Plugging in keywords to your blog will increase your visibility on search engine results pages. Frequent blogging offers an added value bonus to the services and products you offer through your practice. Knowing your patients will have somewhere to go to learn the latest in hearing loss and hearing health will result in frequent visits to your website and increased traffic. A blog can also attract those looking for services you offer to make inquiries, which can lead to new business.

Deepen Relationships With Your Patients

Connection is at the core of patient and health provider relationships. Customer engagement is a huge component when creating a successful online marketing and branding strategy. Blogging is a way to deepen those relationships and can assist in establishing patient loyalty. Through your blogs you can further your rapport with your patients and can connect with them in a more conversational way. One way to keep your patients engaged and frequently visiting your blog is by asking your readers questions at the end of your posts, which can provoke a conversation through the comments section. Their answers can also provide insight into what your patients, or potential patients, pain points are as well as new topics for your blog.

Provide Value With Your Content

Whether it’s educational or entertainment, the best blogs are the ones that provide value for its readers. Your blog is a calling card for your practice. The value visitors see in your blog can be an indicator to the level of quality service they will receive from you. When a reader knows they have a site that they can go to find content that speaks to their needs, they’ll return. If an individual with ringing in their ears searches “tinnitus” and finds your well written blog covering the subject along with a few takeaways that can help them, you not only gained a new visitor to your site, you also may have acquired a new patient. Creating content that speaks to the pain points of people suffering with hearing loss or even to the family members of hearing loss patients creates trust. Using varying blog styles such as infographics, lists and how to’s when creating your blog provides variety for your readers.

Differentiate Your Practice

Another benefit from blogging and being seen as an expert in your field is that you can separate yourself from your competition. The more your blog is looked to as a “go-to” to learn information, the more market share you gain over your competitors.

Generate Leads

Your blog is not only a resource to readers, but an opportunity to promote your practice or offer special promotions. Readers of your blog can become great potential leads.The more often you connect with a lead the greater the chances are of converting them into your patient.

Exposure to your site, better connection with your patients, establishing yourself as a trusted resource, and potential business growth – blogging can have a significant impact on your practice, and is a creative and inexpensive way to market your services and expertise.. The residual benefits will far outweigh the time you spend creating your post.